Classroom 2017-2018

Welcome back!  Let's see what's new in the 2nd grade... (not much, honestly.)


Lookin good from the opposite side.


Barb was vigorously dusted this summer.


SWBAT = "Students will be able to" - this is where I write my lesson objectives.


On the left is my job chart.  I have a very simple job system.  Every day, I move the clip to the next person's pouch, and they get to do all the jobs that day - calendar, passing things out, etc.


My sub tub, in case of emergency... I have a 10 day/2 week no-prep emergency sub plan bundle in my store.  I printed off everything for the first two days and put each item in its own folder.  For days 3-10, I just printed off the originals (no class sets) and put them in a folder for each day.


The home of math enrichment.  I made a bundle containing a year's worth of no-prep 2nd grade math challenges that I use for enrichment.


Free time options for my students - they can write in their journals (year round bundle of make your own journals found here) or they can challenge themselves with one of Digital Divide and Conquer's project based learning packets.

Good luck this year!