Classroom 2016-2017

Welcome back to the 2nd grade!  I'm doing a fairy generic superhero theme this year because I'm basic AF.  I'm regretting the borders a little, because they look like dripping blood from afar, buuuuuut not redoing them.  The little superhero swag things in the corner alleviate the blood a bit.  Once again, I'm sticking with consistent borders, backgrounds, and decor around the room to reduce visual noise and keep the classroom looking calm.  I'm also very picky about my desks not being too close together.  I personally wouldn't want to spend the year back-to-back with another person so I don't expect the small people to be as well.

This is my word wall (student names under the white) and my big number.  Last year, I completely changed the way I did word walls and it was super successful.  The kids interacted with it more so than they have any other year.  Read about how I implemented these changes at Busy Bees Activities.  You can also download the Academic Vocabulary Brag Board here and the Big Number Chart here - both are free!

Here are my 6+1 Traits of Writing Posters (download for free here) and my reading skill posters (available for sale in my Guided Reading Mega Pack here.)  I added the chalkboard last year after a stick-on one I had kept falling off.  I just used the spray-on chalk paint stuff, which worked real well.  (I dripped the chalk paint all over the floor - surprisingly, Goo Gone got the still-tacky paint drips off the stone floor.  Who knew??)  The kids are free to write on the chalk board during their free time.  In the little bag are Kind Compliment cards, also for free time - download for free here.

These turned out super rad, in my humble opinion.  In my school/classroom, our rules and discipline are based around being hospitable, respectful, and responsible.  I bought a marquis font from Simply STEAM by Sarah Barnett, blew the letters up, printed them in rainbow order and will give them to the kids to decorate with examples of being hospitable, respectful, and responsible.  Once finished, I'll string them up and hang them in the room.

 The angel's name is Barb, just FYI

The angel's name is Barb, just FYI

Finally, I'm super pumped about my new mini-fluency passages.  I wanted short passages for fluency practice with my 2nd graders struggling with reading.  I wanted something meatier than  task card, but shorter than a traditional leveled reading passages.  I couldn't find something that fit my needs, so... I made 200 of them myself!  Each passage is in the ballpark of 50 words.  I'm going to give my kids an informal assessment right off the bat using two of the cards each.  My 200 mini fluency passages are available for sale here.

Good luck on your school year!