Presidents Day Fun in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th Grade!

Marlie, my friend/kindergarten-teacher extraordinaire/bride-to-be/mastermind behind Curriculum to the Core developed this great Presidents Day activity to do with mid-elementary students!  

It's a "read around the room" activity where students seek out 15 different cards with a fun fact about an unnamed president.  On the other side are three different options for who it may be.

Students get their own recording sheet to keep track of their guesses.

My students had a blast with this activity!  They're very into presidents - I have the "Who Was...?" series and the "Aliens vs. Presidents" app to thank for that - and I was impressed by how a lot of my students used logic and schema to answer some of the questions.

After the kids had time to read the room, we got together as a class and went over the answers.  A lot of cheering/groaning, depending on their success!

Interested in this President's Day activity?  Check out Marlie's TpT store to purchase your own copy!