A very simple and easy way to get discounts at Teachers Pay Teachers WITHOUT a promo code!

Hey, teacher!  Have you ever purchased anything off of Teachers Pay Teachers?  Have you ever wanted a discount off the site?  Here's an easy way to save money, without needing a promo or coupon code...

...leave feedback on all of your purchases, including your previous ones!


For every dollar you spend at TpT - IF you leave feedback - you'll receive one credit (all cents are rounded up to the nearest dollar) that you can apply towards a purchase.  Each credit is equivalent to 5 cents.  You spend 20 bucks, you get 20 credits, you get to take $1 off your next purchase.  (This only works on paid products - you won't get credit for feedback left on free items.)

Are you kicking yourself for not cashing in on credits with your previous purchases?  Don't!  You can still leave feedback by going to My Purchases

...and go through your old purchases to leave feedback.

You can check your credits under TPT Credit Balance

You can apply your credits at checkout:

The nice thing is that using credits doesn't force you to spend a minimum of $3.00 at checkout.  I bought a $3.00 item the other day, used credits, and charged the $2.80 remainder to my card.


This is a great feature that I don't think many TpT buyers know about.  I've sold far more times vs. feedback I've received.  Go scrounge up some credits at Teachers Pay Teachers!  Hell, go buy something and leave me some feedback at my TpT store!