Primary Source Lesson Plan for Elementary Students (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th grades)

This lesson, which I did with my second graders when we studies the solar system and astronauts in science, uses primary sources (text and video) for students to make inferences about the lives and careers of Neil Armstrong and Sally Ride.  Primary sources are huge for the Common Core (not to mention an addition that I'm loving - I wasn't in a class that emphasized primary sources until my freshman year of college.). Lesson includes background information on Ride and Armstrong, as well as an explanation of primary sources.  Lesson includes four total primary source interviews, and discussion questions for each.  Find the lesson plan at my TpT store!


Next up, I have a lesson that I plan with using with the 2nd graders as soon as we're back from spring break.  We're in the midst of studying civil rights in social studies.  Due to the interest in the Sally Ride/Neil Armstrong lesson on TpT, I produced another primary source lesson (probably about two class periods long) focusing on the Greensboro Sit-Ins.  This lesson also features print and video primary source interviews, comparing and contrasting primary and secondary sources, as well as comprehension questions and written responses for all.  I think this lesson will ultimately be best for 4th or 5th grade - there are some components that may be a little complex for second graders that I'm planning on leaving off.  You can find the lesson at my TpT store here!