Juniper's Own Extracts are intended for use in baking and cooking.  Add a tablespoon or two of Juniper's Own Extracts to your culinary creations to create distinctive, unexpected flavors.

Juniper's Extracts are straight from the source - fresh or dried herbs, spices and fruits go straight into our extracts without added preservatives or chemicals.  Only pure, wholesome ingredients and fresh mountain vodka can be found in Juniper's Own Extracts! 

Juniper's Own Extracts are created by extracting herbs, spices and fruits in Five Wives Vodka for periods of several weeks.  Juniper's Own is committed to purchasing locally produced and distributed products.  We're proud to patronize Utah-owned businesses, such as Liberty Heights Fresh, Rancho Markets and Beans and Brews Coffee, to procure the high-quality products used in Juniper's Own Extracts.

Our flavors: 

  • Juniper's Own Vanilla Extract - The classic.  A smooth, flavorful extract, perfect for cakes and cookies.
  • Juniper's Own Peppermint Extract - Flavorful, bold mint compliments desserts perfectly.
  • Juniper's Own Rosemary Extract - A personal favorite.  Rosemary is the perfect subtle, yet unexpected, flavor for sweets. 
  • Juniper's Own Lavender Extract - Another personal favorite.  Perfect for the daring cook who wants the distinctive taste of lavender in their food.
  • Juniper's Own Cinnamon Extract - Extracted from sticks of Indonesian cinnamon.  A bold cinnamon flavor without the grittiness of ground spices.
  • Juniper's Own Cardamom Extract - Nothing beats the fragrance and quiet sweetness of cardamom!
  • Juniper's Own Coffee Extract - Bold coffee flavors extracted from Beans and Brews House Blend.  A little goes a long way to flavor cakes and frosting. 
  • Juniper's Own Chocolate Extract - Extracted directly from cacao nibs and perfect for adding unsweetened cocoa flavors to food. 
  • Juniper's Own Basil Extract - The earthiness of basil adds a wonderfully unexpected flavor to sweets.  Try it with vanilla in cookies or ice cream! 
  • Juniper's Own Hibiscus Extract - Hibiscus is a great tangy, bold addition to your culinary creations!